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Welcome to Planet Cents! 
Welcome to our revolution ~ the revolution to reverse climate change with sustainable purchasing!
You’re in the right place to spark a once-in-a-lifetime revolution. 
Yes, YOU are that powerful – and WE are even more powerful together! 
Let’s create some planet-saving fireworks . . . but not fires!
Choose the spark(s) you want to be, and tell your networks to do the same:


  • Find sustainable brands all in one place!
  • End time-consuming online searches.
  • Get better sustainable products and services.
  • Let your purchases save our planet.
  • Be the change by showing climate action!
  • Join a global like-minded community.


  • Attract and retain stakeholders by taking climate action.
  • Save time and money finding and chasing down vendors.
  • Show measurable climate action to stakeholders.
  • Increase revenue, stock price, and valuation.
  • Strengthen competitive advantage and improve reputation.
  • Expand market share and financial performance.


  • Be easily found online in one global sustainable marketplace.
  • Increase revenue, stock price, and valuation.
  • Attract and gain new consumes and organizations.
  • Save time and money in decreasing advertising costs.
  • Expand competitive advantage and brand awareness.
  • Improve brand recognition and reputation.


  • Invest in a habitable planet.                                 
  • Diversify your portfolio in the trending ESG market.
  • Fuel a disruptive, revolutionary venture.     
  • Align your values with your investments.
  • Heed climate demands from Millennials, GenX, and GenZ.
  • Leave a lasting legacy for current and future generations.