Your Roles

“Alone, we can do so little;
together we can do so much.”

~ Helen Keller

Your Role(s)

  • Customers/Clients: Individuals and organizations
  • Partners: Organizations providing sustainable
    products and services
  • Investors: Any global citizen who wants a habitable future

It’s quite possible that you fall into more than one category!

Our Consumers:

  • Sustainable shopping says that you care about the current and future environmental health, equitable relationships among people, and a responsible, thriving and secure economy.
  • When you shift to or expand your sustainable shopping, it ensures that you and your loved ones live on a habitable plane.
  • Once you do this you’ll feel good about knowing that you did your part to reverse climate change, the biggest threat to current and future generations of all living beings.
  • Shopping with people and the planet in mind is worth it when you consider the true cost and impact of your purchase.
  • Join us in making sustainability the norm worldwide! Here’s an absolute must-watch and share wide inspiration, and a swift kick in the butt.

Our Organizational Clients:

Want to turn a new leaf when it comes to our planet?
(Yes, pun intended!)

Attract and retain customers, employees, investors, partners, and suppliers by showing them measurable proof of your action to preserve our planet (Note:  Unless your carbon offsets are independently verified by a third party, they won’t be believed.)

As you know, “greenwashing” is no longer accepted, and measurable action is now demanded . . . especially by millennials and GenZers.  Greenwashing now ensures the loss of customers, employees, investors, partners, and suppliers.

Our Partners:

Our expansive cadre of worldwide Partners includes:

  • Sustainable product and service partners selling in Planet Cents
  • Function-based and issue-based partners provide solutions in these areas. 
  • Services partners are related to the various ways in which our marketplace can be used by organizations.

Our Investors:

All we here from you is how much money you want to make. We get it. You will make a LOT of money investing in us.

This said, how about leaving a once-in-a-lifetime lasting legacy: a habitable planet for current and future generations? If this does not speak to you, you are not our investor(s.)
Simply said, our values transcend money.

Private angels/angel groups, family offices, and foundations are preferred. Open to VCs. No private equity.

The Bottom Line

“Climate change is deadly and destructive, and it is caused by people and it must be stopped by people. People are dying, getting sick, suffering hunger and thirst, losing their homes and cultural identities because of climate change. We can still make a difference. We can minimize future harms and remedy existing ones and human rights law demands that we take immediate action to do so.”

~ Ben Schachter, Human Rights Officer, UN Human Rights Office

It is clear that now the nations of the world can only rise and fall together. It is not a question of one nation winning at the expense of another. We must all help one another or all will perish.”Info Box

~ Carl Sagan