Intern Testimonials

Let your community be your testimony.

~ Jaco Strydom

During my time at Planet Cents, Leslie showed incredible levels of patience and support for those she led.
Given the nature of a startup, she was faced with constant issues, all of which was handled with patience and determination. With her organization and prioritization skills, she delegated tasks during difficult times in a way that truly showcases her capabilities. While positions at other companies confine you to one role, Leslie made sure to offer a variety of opportunities so that her interns are left with experiences in various situations. Although new roles meant performing unknown tasks, she acted as a mentor along the way, checking in and addressing questions promptly. She not only provided training and continuous feedback on new projects but also provided professional advice that will be valuable for anyone’s career. In addition to being an excellent coach, Leslie was always open-minded and willing to learn when new resources and ideas were brought to the table. Even with the challenges of a completely remote work environment, Leslie’s responsiveness and the care she showed never made her interns feel alone or alienated. It was a great pleasure working with Leslie for Planet Cents and I am incredibly thankful for the opportunities I was given and for the skills and resources I have gained.
~ Angela
Leslie hired me as an intern at Planet Cents as we shared a common interest in sustainability as a solution to the climate crisis. She was an amazing mentor and boss who gave me confidence in many new work-related skills that I did not have before. My time at Planet Cents taught me so much and it is majorly due to Leslie who continued to put trust in me for new and complicated tasks. 
Thank you, Leslie!
~ Brooke
Few people have the opportunity to report to a manager who is also a coach and a mentor—but I did when I worked for Leslie. I’ve had the pleasure of knowing Leslie for three months during my internship at Planet Cents. As a manager and founder, she oversaw many department heads, juggled multiple projects and engaged with department team leads with finesse. Leadership and efficiency come perfectly naturally to her.
Above all, Leslie has an incredible ability to command a room with her energy and passion toward sustainability initiatives. She truly was a coach in our professional lives and regularly led seminars and growth workshops to develop our public speaking and leadership skills. As a leader, Leslie truly stands out and would be a great asset for any management role. She is an excellent communicator, invested
in the success of her interns, and comes with my heartfelt recommendation.
~ Claudia
Two hands joined in climate march with climate jobs sign
It was my great pleasure and honor to work for Planet Cents and with the best leader/mentor Leslie. She is always organized and professional. She has a clear target in mind and is passionate about what she is doing, getting more people and organizations to reverse climate change. Throughout the internship, she always gave detailed feedback on our work and appreciated our effort. She was approachable all the time to give help and willing to listen to all team members’ ideas. She gave me great opportunities to not only build and support the website but also be a confident leader to manage the awesome tech team.
Thank you Leslie, and I wish Planet Cents Inc. all the best!
~ Jiayu
I have worked with Leslie for six months as an intern for her company at Planet Cents. With her guidance, she was easily able to educate our entire team about the workings in creating and maintaining a start-up company, and helped us and other interns in their projects whenever we needed help or clarification. Learning from Leslie, she is a great leader because she knows exactly what she wants, how to do it, and who can best execute it. She has a keen eye for recognizing the skills and potentials of her interns. Emphasizing her care for her team, Leslie also offers plenty of workshops and sessions in her free time to help other fellow interns improve their professional careers. Leslie is filled with great insight and is always blossoming with ideas. With that, she is extremely and passionately dedicated in her mission to unite our planet through combating global climate change, and with knowing how Leslie works, I am positive she will do an amazing job in achieving this, especially through Planet Cents.
~ Michelle
I had the pleasure of working with Leslie and Planet Cents for a couple of months. Truly, she is nothing less than organized, serious, and professional. Even though we were in a virtual work environment, she rose to the occasion and made sure every task was completed thoroughly and accurately. Apart from the organization and professional atmosphere, what I also valued was her stress on communication. There was much stress on communicating and keeping her informed on every little detail. Though may seem tedious to some, this allowed for greater productivity and better teamwork. More importantly, she makes sure you get something out of your experience with her: every task has a purpose for both you and the company. She made it clear from the very beginning that there is no expectation to be perfect (because neither is she), but she will do everything in her power to coach you and help you get better. She is an excellent manager, coworker, mentor, and CEO/Founder. Thank you for letting me be a part of Planet Cents, Leslie.  It’s an experience that any person can benefit from!
~ Nadav
Climate Emergency protest at NYC.
It was an absolute pleasure working for Leslie and in helping build the vision of Planet Cents for the 4 months I was interning! She was an extremely supportive and driven mentor, who exuded passion for changing the status quo and never became intimidated for a project too large. Leslie is very experienced in educating others from the basics and fundamentals of a topic that one knows little about to consistently
pushing others to produce exemplary work. In my future career and work I would hope to have
mentors and supervisors that exhibit the same qualities as Leslie!
~ Nick
I had the pleasure of working with Leslie and Planet Cents for 6 months. And truly it has been one of the most fruitful internship experience I have had. Leslie is extremely inclusive and respectful of all her co-workers and needless to say she is very professional, understanding and organized with everything she does. She is an absolutely amazing mentor and focuses on the needs of the interns and provides the best training sessions. She always made sure that everyone is thorough with all the tasks and delegates responsibility like a true leader. She will make sure that we believe and work for the cause and not just the company which speaks more than anything else about her morals and ethics. My time at Planet Cents, Inc. is something I will cherish
professionally in the future. Thank you for seeing the best in me and bringing it out!
~ Pari
I had the pleasure of working with Leslie for three months as an intern for her company at Planet Cents. She is passionate about climate change issues, sustainability, and combating the global climate crises. As a manager and founder of Planet Cents, she has the ability to work on multiple tasks with different teams and still be focused and deliver quality work. I can easily say she is one of the best in her field. She is a great leader who cares about her intern’s wellbeing and always kept the team motivated and shared knowledge. She has an eye for recognizing the skills and potential of her intern’s capabilities and gives positive feedback on ways to improve, as her people skills are highly developed. Thank you, Leslie, for giving me the opportunity to Intern at Planet Cents!
~ Romika
It's our future protest.
Always full of vim and vigor, Leslie is a dedicated and hardworking person. I loved my time working with her as an intern at Planet Cents. She would eagerly advise me and provide valuable insights, based
on her vast experience and knowledge. She feels strongly about climate action
and her commitment to the cause is out of the ordinary.
~ Shrawani
Few people have the opportunity to work under an employer who is also a coach and a mentor. With Leslie I got a chance to experience this. She is an efficient and kind employer who genuinely cares about her employees and interns. Leslie is extremely passionate about Planet Cents, Inc. and the cause of reversing climate change. This passion drives her, and motivates all those that work under her. Leslie’s ability to juggle multiple projects was unlike any I’ve seen before and made a dramatic difference in the productivity level of her team. I started out under her with no experience in company research. Leslie was incredibly patient with me and whenever I had questions or concerns, she responded right away—and even followed up later in the week to make sure my issues have been resolved. Her patience and willingness to help motivated me to do the best job I can.
Any intern or employee will be lucky to work under Leslie!!
~ Vaishnavi
I worked at Planet Cents directly with Leslie for 4 months and her mentorship has always stayed at top during the entire tenure which reflects her many years of experience in marketing, sales, and mentorship. Being a woman founder of Planet Cents, and the initiative of the B2B2C/B2C sustainable marketplace is something that interested me the most at first glance. Her professionalism, leadership, mentorship, providing feedback and advice to bring the best out of her interns is the very best thing about her. Trust can’t be achieved, it has to be earned is her belief and that motivates every intern to give their best. Her empathy about the climate change and environment activities causing adverse effects to humankind is very genuine and that is the exact reason for growing Planet Cents. I highly recommend Leslie due to her excellent business sense and she definitely is a valuable asset. Thank you Leslie for trusting me and wish you the best for Planet Cents.
~ Vrunda
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The Bottom Line

“We are at code red for climate and I committed to doing everything I can to help rescue this planet and save it
for our children.”

~ Carolyn Maloney, U.S. House Oversight Chair

“Some of us have to actually live in the future
that you all are setting on fire for us.”
~ U.S. Rep Alexandria Ocasio Cortez (speaking to oil executives)