“If you are not a part of the solution,
you are a part of the problem.”

~Eldridge Cleaver



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  • We’ll be a one-stop marketplace for consumers
    and organizations.
  • We’ll save them time and money by eliminating the hassle of hunting down sustainable products and services!
  • We’ll also be a marketplace of marketplaces – including existing sustainable marketplaces, purchasing organizations, and businesses wanting to sell to a wider market.
  • We’re not the marketplace putting greed ahead of people
    and the planet!
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Planet Cents is a win for all.

  • Our organizational clients take measurable CSR & ESG actions, while cleaning up their supply chains, while attracting and retaining more customers, employees, investors, partners, and suppliers  VIDEO
  • Our consumers/clients can better embed sustainability into their lives VIDEO
  • Our selling partners gain customers/clients – and get entry into the massive B2B market, (since most are B2C’s.)
  • Everyone saves time and money since everything is vetted and in one place . . . all while saving our planet!
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Some of the Ways We’re Different

  • We’re built on sustainability from our start.
  • We’re all about impact in reversing climate change.
  • We’ll include both companies that sell sustainable products AND services across a very vast array of types and industries.
  • We’ll include existing sustainable marketplaces ~ the majority of which sell to consumers and not organizations ~ opening up the business channel for them, increasing their revenue and market reach.  The majority of them focus on five product categories.
  • We are committed to vetting for real sustainability.
  • We’ll operate without wasteful packaging and excessive energy-intensive warehousing and transportation.
  • We won’t strong arm our sellers.
  • We’ll treat our employees and sellers with respect.
  • We’ll operate with integrity, ethics, and transparency.
  • We’re focus on the Triple Bottom Line  (3BL) – people, profit, and planet.  In other words, we care about stakeholders and not just shareholders.        
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A Marketplace Like No Other!

  • Planet Cents Central will include sustainable products and services for purchase – from simple goods to complex services.
  • We”ll have everything from bamboo toilet paper to recycled furniture, to green architects, green landscapers, environmental (ESG) consultants, solar products and services, and more. 
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For Organizational Clients,
It Gets Better!

  • Offer Climate Action as a Consumer/Customer, Employee, Partner, and Supplier Benefit, Gift, Engagement, Incentive, Recognition, Reward, Teambuilding and/or Training Tool.
  • The people and organizations you share this with can offer “Planet Cents” in the same kinds of uses to their customers, employees, partners, and/or suppliers.
  • And each of these can offer these to their similar networks . . . downward into infinity (Climate change scale anyone?)

Invest to Make Us a Reality

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The Bottom Line

  • Australian think tank IEP predicts that at least 1.2 billion people could be displaced by climate-related events by 2050. ~ World Health Forum
  • In 2017, there were a record displacement of people at a record of 68.5 million, and that an average of one person every two seconds. ~ UNHCR’s annual Global Trends report of 2017 was displaced every two seconds in 2017, with developing countries most affected.
  • The United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees (UNHCR) has data showing that the number of people displaced by climate change-related disasters since 2010 has risen to 21.5 million, pointing out that “in addition to sudden disasters, climate change is a complex cause of food and water shortages, as well as difficulties in accessing natural resources.”
  • Climate Refugee: those forced to flee due to disasters and other weather events
“The solution to climate change? Let go of greed.
Embrace compassion for all living beings.
Take action on their behalf!”
~ Leslie Sheridan