Our Culture

Planet Cents is a culture of accountability, excellence, and 

self-discipline. We are also an inclusive culture which embraces diversity of all kinds as a strength.  In keeping 

with this, we wholeheartedly welcome diverse candidates.

And, of course, you ought to be hell bent on achieving our mission!

We expect all with whom we conduct business,  including employees, to share this belief,  and the behaviors associated with it.


This seasoned, collaborative, "servant leader" who is available now, must have:

● the utmost integrity - non-negotiable

● unwavering love for our planet and mission

● knowledge of and strong concern about climate change​

● an MBA, Master's, (or Bachelor's with lots of proven e-commerce success)

● a minimum of 15 years of experience, (more preferred)

● proven success in a startup(s) - from inception

● experience scaling an international company (or large division of an international company)

● eCommerce expertise and experience 

● substantial managerial expertise and experience

● knowledge of and experience in procurement

and with supply chains (preferred)

● strong negotiation skills

● exceptional financial expertise and experience

● strong business planning, development,

and execution expertise and experience

● experience in the environment

and retail, fields helpful

● acceptance of diversity, compassion,

EI & EQ, and a commitment to lifelong learning

● comfortable working with a strong, independent woman as equals

Full- or part-time advisor a possible option. 

Ability to work on EQUITY UNTIL FUNDED

To Apply

Message Leslie Sheridan on LinkedIn, with the word “CEO” at the top of your message,

where you saw this post, and attach your CV.  Please do not send paragraphs!

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Apprentices / Interns

These apprenticeships/internships are flexible, virtual, volunteer, and paid in experience. You must be available NOW.

You must commit to a minimum of 10 hrs./week and 2 months. Most interns do more.

Must Haves:

● Interest and/or experience/education in the environmental 


● The utmost integrity, (including in words matching deeds,)

   and work ethic

● Accountability, conscientiousness, initiative, self-discipline,

   management, and motivation

● Proficiency in English, (written, verbal, listening) (Critical!)

● STRONG attention to detail!

● Adherence to deadlines

● Responsiveness and sense of urgency!

● Coachability and flexibility 

● Commitment to the internship – NO FLAKES!

● Minimum: High school graduate or GED, (unless pre-approved) - Preferred:  College & Beyond 

We have had interns with all levels of education and experience - from Ph.D.'s to on rare occasions, high schoolers.


Skills needed vary, and some needed skills include:

● Market research – LOTS of it, and mostly online

● Marketing

● Sales

● Social media marketing

● Legal

● Finance

● Graphic design

● Management

● Technology - Prototyping, Wireframing, UI. UX, Web Design

●Video Production & Editing


Message Leslie Sheridan on Linkedin, with the word “Intern” at the top of your message,  bullet your KEY SKILLS, (from above, and more,) where you saw this post, and attach your resume.  DO NOT send paragraphs!

If you are not on Linkedin, it is strongly preferred as it shows a 

professional presence and puts you above other candidates.

(If you or cannot message there, apply here.)


"Choose only one master - nature."

~ Rembrandt