Planet Cents in the News!

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​Green Business Impact

Host Billy Fetzner’s Podcast Interview of our Founder, Leslie Sheridan
(The creation and mission of Planet Cents, and the many ways businesses can use it and benefit from taking climate action)

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F(earth)er Magazine

Excerpt of an Interview of Founder, Leslie Sheridan – by Editor Ava Hedeker.
(What we can do collectively ~ and with what mindset)

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Interview with Founder, Leslie Sheridan by Sangeeta D., Founder of Gotara
(Leslie’s career and Planet Cents)

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The Bottom Line

“Major news networks covered less than four hours to climate
change in 2019.” ~ Grist

“Climate change is no longer just a science story. It’s now a political, economic, societal and cultural story.” ~ Max Boykoff, Chair of the Department of Environmental Studies, University of CO

“The media’s anemic coverage of climate change
is not just irresponsible journalism, but criminal.”
~ Leslie Sheridan